March Releases and Lifeline

The tentative release schedule for March is surprisingly varied. Apart from the obvious titles like Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, the PS2 HDD with Final Fantasy XII, Ninja Gaiden, and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (the latter two of which don’t interest me much, though I’m curious about SC’s online modes), there’s a number of curious low-key games.

There’s the soon-to-be-published Worms 3D; the wonderful (about time) Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life; there’s the absurd, giant controller powered Steel Battalion: Line of Contact; the must-have at a budget price ($20USD!) Colin McRae Rally 4; the sequel to one of my favourite early PS1 releases, Destruction Derby Arenas ! (I don’t expect much, though; it won’t be the same without the Psygnosis logo); and some other games that are garnering some interest (Drakengard; Mafia for XBox; PSO Ep.3; Samurai Warriors; Bomberman Jetters; The Suffering; etc…).

Then there’s Lifeline (gamespot preview).

The Lifeline Corporate Line is:

In this first-ever voice activated action adventure, players must work together with the main character Rio by verbally directing her through numerous obstacles and challenges including deadly duels with horrifying creatures.

How sweet is that? I’m sure there’s some kind of underlying sexual appeal that comes with vocally commanding a perky blonde, and maybe that’s part of fun (though it’s sort of been done in Japan), but this does seem like a natural progression for the adventure genre. Far more so than “point and click”.

I’ve always found text adventures to be too obtuse and uninteresting, and point-and-click adventures to be too easy and random. The hope is that Lifeline brings something new to the table. Depending on how it functions, it could be a great “middle-ground” sort of adventure. Of course, it could also suck. Irregardless of that, it’s a unique title that, in this time of sequels and remakes, deserves to be supported. The publishers need to know that there’s still a market for originality and innovation. To that I say: “do your part!”

I will. Which is why Lifeline is my most anticipated title of March.

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