New Browser Day!

You know how it goes by now: Thunderbird 0.5 is available, as is, er, the browser-formally-known-as-Firebird 0.8 (which was formerly known as Phoenix). Great browser and all, but this constant name changing is getting tiresome. Firefox? Bah. It ruins the whole “bird” connection with Thunderbird, which should have — logically, one would assume — been renamed Thunderfox anyway.

Large scale open source lesson: never leave naming and branding in a programmer’s hands!

That beef aside, the browser is still good and if you haven’t switched already, do so now. Especially if the manual installation scared you away before (it has a Windows installer now). Clean, free, standards, secure, yadda yadda, Internet Explorer sucks monkey shit… you should know the reasons for using it by now.

There is one negative, though. The newish download manager seemed excessively slow and buggy to me. While trying to download something, it would take three times as long for the manager to come up than to download the file. And trying to clear the history would cause the browser to hang or crash. So I checked my profile directory and noticed a downloads.rdf file there. It was over two megs in size! It had, in its contents, a record of every file I downloaded since the start of December! (such records could be quite incriminating.)

Thus, I pass along this information: if the download manager is slow, delete the downloads.rdf file, restart Firebird–er-fox, go to Options-> Privacy -> Download Manager History and set it to clear on exit or on download completion.

After doing that, everything will retorn to working order. Foxy.

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