Odds and Ends

I want this Samus action figure. There are Animal Crossing plush figures!? Compared to Olyntho Tahara’s models, though, the previous toys are piss-poor. I especially love the Babylon 5 cast figures.

The Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell: Innocence sites have new trailers!

Speaking of which, the Silent Hill 4: The Room trailer has a very strong The Ring video feel to it.

I was going to comment about the full, 300MB Paris video that is making the rounds (the torrent is out there), but that’s already a tiresome subject. However, I do need to say that the dude in the video is one major fuckasstard. A complete fuckasstard.

And that’s how my Valentine’s weekend was spent: Metroid, a lousy hockey game, a long download, and Paris’ hipless naughty bits.

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