Syndication nation

There was some sort of game today. Something to do with a breast. I don’t know, I wasn’t following it. I was watching Shall We Dance on TVO instead. How’s that for counter-programming? Quirky film.

Anyway, I have updated my RSS feeds to be more complete and valid, using these MT templates. I’m not sure if I like the idea of a full content feed, as that defeats the purpose of syndication, but I’ll try to see how it fits into places. Like my new bloglines account (my public view) for one, which will give me a means to check a vast number of feeds from a centralized web-based location. Even at times when I shouldn’t be browsing them. *cough*work. (Yeah, I could use my own feed reader, but I want to ease server load as much as possible).

This got me thinking. With bloglines, and, and all those syndication oriented sites (localfeeds), and the geourls, and all the various user accounts at dozens of varied places and forums, I’m finding it hard to keep track of my own content. Everything is too decentralized, and with so much information flowing to and fro it all becomes a little too unwieldy. What I need is some sort of hub for all this external content. Hmmm…

Update: speaking of the Super Bowl, here’s some nipple action for you. Sexy!

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