Think You Know Game Music?

Try GamingFM’s Name that Game Contest. I thought my level of geekery in regards to game music was decent, but this contest has humbled me. I can only get three with any degree of certainty, even though many do sound familiar. Here’s my list so far:

  1. Sounds like it could be Halo? I don’t have it, so I can’t tell for certain. Confirmed, thanks Boy!
  2. Arg. I know this, but I can’t figure out from where.
  3. Earthworm Jim 2 – Subterranean – thanks Jenn for the reminder and confirmation.
  4. Star Control 2 – thanks JP!
  5. Mega Man 2. Sounds like Bubble Man’s theme, but slightly retuned — perhaps from the Genesis Wily Wars?
  6. Shinobi PS2 – thanks PawelMaji and Boy (for the confirmation)!
  7. Streets of Rage 2, which I still have never played.
  8. Panzer Dragoon Orta – thanks Boy! I *really* should have known this one, as it’s one of my favourite current-gen soundtracks.
  9. ??? Some dance/rhythm game perhaps?
  10. ???
  11. Blaster Master – thanks bassbeast!
  12. Final Fantasy VII, duh.
  13. ???
  14. Dracula X – Rondo of Blood – thanks wedge55!
  15. ?? On second thought, it doesn’t sound like SEGA CD at all.

I suck.

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