Day Four: Goonies II

Perhaps I’m being overly NES-centric, but that period was the first golden age of Konami. After the 16-bit era, there was a lull with Konami. Their early PS1 era games were either lousy or relatively niche. For years, they didn’t have any true hits. That changed come 1998 and beyond, but during those quiet years all we could do was reminisce.

One of the unique, non-franchise games that stood out was:

Goonies II cover

What’s there to say? It was a decent platformer with a very good infusion of “adventure” elements with a Metroid-ish bit of non-linearity. An element that Konami would incorporate, many times over, into future titles — Castlevania being the most obvious. Where would Castlevania 2 have been without the mechanics of Goonies II? I mean that with all seriousness.

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