Sword, Give Me Strength

I started writing some initial Lifeline impressions but I want to get through more of it before I post any concrete thoughts. In brief: it is my belief that a good chunk of the reviews are criticising it fairly, but for the wrong reasons (if that makes sense). By no means is it a great game, but the technology isn’t as bad as many make it out to be. IGN’s review isn’t too bad, excepting the “laughable” comparisons to the action sequences in Prince of Persia and Mark of Kri (what the hell kind of game was the reviewer expecting?)

The laggard impressions are also thanks to an in-the-wild find of the DC version of Soul Calibur. Since Soul Calibur 2 was my first foray into the series, my enthusiasm for this often proclaimed “Greatest 3D-Fighter Ever!” is subdued. It’s a solid title, but its follow-up is superior in every way imaginable.

It’s aged well, but was it really deserving of perfect 10s from IGN and Gamespot (amongst others.) Or am I missing something here?

Nice sword.

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