Windscreen Gallery

The Windscreen Gallery is very much like the Mirror Project (knock-off *cough*), except it’s for pictures from cars instead of pictures of yourself in a mirror. Drastic difference. Or not.

Rear ViewRandom, crappy photo taken two days ago.

Site-to-site comparisons aside, the concept is one that has a certain appeal. Let’s face it, I’m lazy. I like to go on long drives, get some fresh air, see the countryside; but I hate walking. Naturally, a large percentage of my digital photos are taken from within the car, often without bothering to stop.

Just aim in the general direction and hope for the best. That’s my philosophy. Sure, most of the photos end up lousy, but I like the sense of spontaneous passing that they capture.

I’ve uploaded a couple of pictures (including one taken two days ago — how convenient), but they’re still pending approval. So here’s my mirror project photo from 2002. (Has it been that long?) Not surprisingly, that photo perfectly illustrates the parallels between the Mirror Project, the Windscreen Gallery, and my lazy drive-by-shooting techniques.

Edit: three windscreen images are up.

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