A Case of the (Easter) Mondays

The LiveJournal Images page is an endless source of amusement. Apart from the random cat pictures and online quiz results and, ugh, occasional goatse-esque imagery, there’s a large cache of personal photos. Personal teenaged emo-kid photos. It’s amusing to see just how cliched they make themselves out to be. The same old angsty, cheap webcam, half-a-face looking down shots over and over and over again. These kids are parodies of themselves.

Eh, I’m amused. I’m also cruel.

For the first time in my life I did not sleep in on Easter Monday. Schools were out. Government workers had the day off. The highways were smooth. And there I was, sitting in a cubicle at 9 in the morning. I was so tired. So so tired. It was going to be the lousiest day of the year, by far… but then this happened:

Ottawa Senators PWNED!! Booyah!


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