Day Nothing

What? You were expecting something more than a five day work week? Perhaps some Contra, Metal Gear, Castlevania, or, hell, even Lethal Enforcers love? Well, they still get that. The admiration those games receive is expected, even though maybe not Enforcers). So, really, there’s nothing that can be said about them that hasn’t already been said already.

Besides, my free time is being devoured by my entry into the MPORPG world with Final Fantasy XI. That’s Massively Packaged Online Role Playing Games.

Massively Packaged Online Role Playing GameMassively Packaged Online Role Playing Game

PlayOnline seems like a decent enough service — lots of messaging options and so forth — but the interface could use some work. It feels as though they put some decent effort into it, but somehow missed the obvious problems, like inconsistent tabbing and text-field selections. Small but very irksome things.

The actual game’s interface is good enough for a controller, though. Everything outside of messaging can be easily accomplished with it, and while certain actions might be slower to do than with a keyboard, the fact that you can just recline, controller in hand, is benefit enough. That’s something that can’t be done with a keyboard and mouse combo. Not on a couch. At least, not without getting serious cramps.

The gameplay is as expected. Far, far slower and more tedious than the single player Fantasies. That’s a given as these games are meant to be time sinks, but it is quite the adjustment. You put in five hours into the game and you essentially move up from punching random rabbits to hitting them with sticks. Even then, though, you have to be extremely careful — because after playing the game for five hours, it’s rather humbling to be slain by a hare or a sheep.

The rabbit that I almost drove over last week wasn’t quite so fierce.

There are plenty of options, though, and a high degree of freedom to do what you want so long as you are willing to put in the time. And that’s exactly what games like this are meant to be like. The more time the developers make you spend, the more jewellery and gold the developers get.

Anyway, if anyone cares, my Playonline handle is n0wak (with a zero.) My current character, “Gefion” (at the moment a Level 10 Mithran Thief), can be found on server Fenrir.

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