Eggs and Spam, FFXI style

There is an Easter event going on in the world of Final Fantasy XI. A moogle has appeared in the town squares giving away lettered eggs once a (virtual) day (one hour). The right combination of these eggs (based on your characters name), when traded back to the moogle, will award you with a rare non-transferable item. This has created an egg market, so to speak.

One aspect of this is the giant mobs of people around the moogle. It gets so crowded there, my latency literally pentuples while walking through the main square.

Egg seeking mobs.

The other result of this market is: SPAM. There are many people hawking their eggs, most of them quietly through their bazaars — but a very vocal, attention seeking minority shouts its latest deals. Multiple times. Over and over. While the “eggstravaganza” is in effect, the signal to noise ratio gets out of control and any communication in the main square is nearly impossible to follow.

Egg selling spammers.

After trying to resolve my own email spam issues this week*, I go to Vana’Diel only to be greeted with the same old shit. sigh. The inevitable conclusion is: so long as there is a market and there are buyers, spam will exist. Period. It will take on many forms and levels of annoyance, but it will always be there. Real or virtual, it doesn’t matter. Annoying but true.

* I have abandoned my old email address(es) and created a new one. The basic idea is that email spam is specifically targeted and so long as the spammers don’t know that you exist — by having your email on file — they can’t send junk to you. So I have configured all my old aliases to redirect to a new junk mail account, saving all the real stuff for my new primary account. So far it’s worked. I still have to check the junk every so often to make sure I don’t miss something important (ie. something that I have forgotten to change my contact email for), but apart from that… I’m free!

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