Midway Arcade Treasures II

Midway recently announced the full list of games for its second Arcade Treasures, and it’s… subpar. Half the games I’ve barely heard of (“Timber”?), three are Mortal Kombats (have been ported and made available like crazy already), and others are… meh (“Primal Rage”). Now, you can’t really blame the current Midway for this crop of selections as, thinking back, there wasn’t much else to pick.

Well, excluding the then-popular NBA Jam.

If anything, this collection emphasizes the different periods in the life of Midway. Apart from the popularity of NBA Jam and Mortal Kombat, these games come from an era of decline. And while there were some decent titles to come out in the mid and late 90s (Area 51 wasn’t amazing, Cruisn’ USA was a fun coin waster, and NFL Blitz was a great arcade game, even for those that don’t like Football), they were mostly surrounded by junk. A lot of junk. Especially on the console side.

Even if Arcade Treasures II records amazing sales, it should be the last of the series. Otherwise, Midway Arcade Treasures III might become the worst game compilation ever.

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