Style Change and Camouflage

I can’t help it. I always fall back on a grey and blue combination. I find shades of grey to be easier on the eyes than full on blacks and whites. Maybe it’s because of my high contrast laptop monitor — I might need to tweak levels a bit once I check it out on a CRT — but this is it for now. As for the style: eh, maybe it’s a bit overdone. Maybe a bit tired. But it’s something new for me, so it was worth trying out.

The best part of it? It’s all css changes — didn’t touch the underlying structure at all. And, of course, the style sheet can still be changed by hitting “config” (or “alt+c”).

New Metal Gear Solid 3 gameplay footage [large file]

Footage showcasing the new camouflage meter and stealth moves. The camouflage meter seems like a variation to SC’s light/dark meter, but with extra consideration for your surroundings and what camouflage (both clothing and facial paint) you are wearing. Seems weird that you can switch between different camouflage outfits on the fly, but it’s not like the Metal Gear Solid series hasn’t been weird before.

The graphics don’t look quite as dynamic as Splinter Cell’s, but the environments feel a lot more alive and a lot more open. I haven’t played Pandora Tomorrow, so all my comparisons are to the original game. If any of that has been fixed in the sequel then it’s news to me.

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