Before the Long Weekend

The last place I worked at had a policy wherein any three day long weekend would be treated as a four day long weekend. So on the Victoria Day weekend, I’d be able to take the Friday off in addition to the Monday. My current employer isn’t as flexible. So, here are some tips to make the last day before the long weekend more tolerable:

  1. Extended lunch: Order the dish that takes the longest to prepare. Don’t rush the food. Nurse your drinks (for added enjoyment, make that drink a Stella). Take a long detour on the way back to work.
  2. Distract yourself during the course of the day: Get a new high score in Every Extend. Read every single new entry in your rss/atom aggregator. Play Monkey Snowfight against co-workers sympathetic to your long weekend cause. MS Paint something!
  3. Make an early escape: Backdoors and hallways are essential. Always carry a pad and paper so that it looks like you are going to a meeting. Set your computer’s screensaver to not start for 45 minutes to give the impression that you were recently at your computer (make sure you leave work stuffs on the screen). Avoid cameras and co-workers in a Solid Snake like dash for the exit.
  4. Drive safely! I can not emphasize this one enough. Today, I was witness to the worst driving I have seen since the winter’s first snowfall. It was horrible. Don’t let some idiot rushing through a red light just so he can get home one minute earlier spoil all the work you have achieved in steps one, two, and three.

These tips carry the “Mike Nowak Tried and True” Seal of Approval. Guaranteed to expediate the arrival of the long weekend!

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