All of a sudden, it’s federal election time. Unlike the US, where it’s months and months and months of non-stop campaigning, here we do things quick. In Canada, it’s a few weeks of “when’s the election? when’s the election?” followed by “BAM! Election time!” for, like, a month and then, BAM!, we either have the same dipshit goverment for another four or five years or another dipshit government for four or five years. At least here out choices for lousy government aren’t restricted to two parties.

Anyway, I was looking through the elections site and I came across the “Registered Political Parties and Parties Eligible for Registration” page. Look under “Political Parties who lost their eligibility to become registered” and you will see the Absolutely Absurd Party. It’s too bad that they aren’t registered — they’d get my vote!

My best guess would be that this party came about because, apparently, there have been changes to the law that requires 50 candidates to become an eligible party with benefits. You do need 250 members now, instead of 100, but that’s easier to manage than 50 candidates. Interesting…

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