Halo: Combat

Notwithstanding Microsoft’s stupid pricing schemes, I finally got a copy of Halo. For some reason, Conflict: Desert Storm is a Platinum Hits game, yet Halo is not…? The most proven and critically acclaimed titles for Xbox my ass, they’re just the ones they can’t milk for all their worth anymore.

The latest scheme sees $49.99 Halo (should be $29.99 damnit) being packaged in an Action Double Pack with a ho-hum Platinum Brute Force and a two-months free trial subscription to Live for only $10 more ($59.99). This is going to be the best available deal for a while, so I went with. Naturally, the two month subscription doesn’t work with existing accounts. God damnit. Not much of a deal then, is it?

Since I won’t be playing multiplayer Halo in the foreseeable future, my impressions of the game are restricted to the single player campaign. After about two hours, it’s… alright. Shooting the little alien dudes is enjoyable, but not mind blowing. The ring’s backdrop is great, but the immediate environments (so far) are boring. A well made and constructed game, but not the console epiphany that many claimed it to be. Maybe this will change when I get further into the game, but so far… eh.

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