I Quiiiiiit

I should be thankful that this eBay auction (!!) grew so far out of my price range. That money would be better served staying in my bank account in anticipation of my upcoming return to joblessness. Yes, as of June 8th, I shall be free of this place.

What will come next? Who knows. I thought I had something in line, but there’s been no word on that: never a positive sign. In the meantime, it shall be a return to (hopefully temporary) frugality. It hasn’t been too long since I’ve been broke and indebted, so it shouldn’t take long to readjust to a lack of spending.

This was the first time I’ve ever had to “officially” resign, so I had fun writing a “formal” letter of resignation. It was quite therapeutic. The xHTMLized version follows (Warning! stupid, fluffy, snooty, non-sensical writing with a number of errors and obscure references):

Hear ye! Hear ye!

By the will of Thor — Lord God of Thunder — and his mighty Mjollnir, I hereby lay notice to this notice:

On this the 25th Day of the Fifth Month of the Fourth Year of the Third Millenium Anno Domini I, Michal K. Nowak, hereby pronounce myself absolved of the duties and tribulations accompanying the sorely compensated title of “The Atlas of Flash”: He who bears the weight of the venture on his shoulders.

The choice, though unenviable, was heretofore inevitable; the cobblestones of this road were laid to rest long before there was any say in the matter. Thus, with great sadness, the emphasis of this notice must be noticeably emphasized:

I must abdicate — under abjuration, if need be — my abject role that I objectively objurgate.

But do not commiserate.


For this marks the commencement of a period of walkabout amid an Era of Erudition. And as with the Legendary Goatse and His grand outstretched frontiers, there exists within me a desire to expand horizons and widen canals. These Promethian binds do no favours for this disposition. Mine own apotheosis into the exulted pantheon of Flash shall hence forth be pursued via mine own external expeditions.

But enough of this hoity-toity taradiddle,

I bid “Adieu!” as I wish you and yours great fortune and many furry gratitudes:

may your stuffings be unencumbered,
and your digital diversions remunerative.


He who is mad north-north-west,

Mike K. Nowak

I have to say, I enjoyed handing that in.

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