System Selector Pro + Every Extend

If you’re like me and you have multiple consoles, you know that keeping them all connected is a pain in the ass. Especially if you have more consoles than inputs on your tv. This is why the System Selector Pro from Pelican is a life-saver. It doesn’t do much to solve the cableing mess — it adds to it, really — but it makes connections manageable, and that lets you forget about the ugly spiderweb of cables behind the tv since you no longer have to switch inputs everytime you want to play one of your older systems.

System Selector Pro

Just look at all those inputs; it’s like a harem for cables! Eight AV/S-Video inputs, three Component Video, three ethernet (what sells it and sets it apart from the competitors!), and back-lit buttons on the face, all in a sleek entertainment system friendly package. Thumbs up.

The Three Minute Contest is a Japanese indie game developer contest with the restriction that all games must last three minutes (duh). I passed on the link the first time I saw as I can’t read Japanese, but after seeing Every Extend mentioned in a number of places I gave it a look. It’s a great little original action game that’s worth a play or two. If you like ABA (rRootage, Tumiki, A7Xpg), you’ll like Every Extend.

Also, here’s (supposedly) the Three Minute Contest entries page and an interview with Every Extend’s creator. In English and en Francais. C’est bon.

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