Thoughts on E3’s Day -1: PSP

E3 is in full swing and three time zones seperate me from it. All the event reporting is making me feel like an info junkie. At this point, I’d rather be there not for the games (though that’s part of it), but so that I can get first hand footage and spare my browser from the constant refreshing. It doesn’t help that here’s about a million other geeks trying to load the exact same updates at the exact same time, bringing the likes of Gamespot and IGN and even the whole Nintendo site to its knees. DGDS – Distributed Geek Denial of Service.

It has been an announcement packed day, so there’s a lot to wrap one’s head around. Which is absurd as E3 doesn’t start until tomorrow!

The Sony PSP. The black version sure does look sexxxy, but the hipster laden promo shots make it out to be large. Very large. And I sure hope that screen is durable, as I wouldn’t want to see it get damaged bouncing around like that, strapped around your neck! Seriously, what the hell is with that strap? Is that how you’re supposed to carry it around? I think I’d rather wear a large “Rob Me” sign instead.

The absolute best thing about the Gameboy Advance SP is the size. You fold it up, stick it into your shirt pocket, take it with you wherever you go, and move on. It’s invisible so no one will know that you are a geek loser. The PSP, however… I can’t imagine carrying that around. I’m sure that it’s powerful and full-featured and the games are fine, but if it’s going to stay near the home because of its bulkiness, I might as well stick to the Playstation 2. (And add some of the expected peripherals, and this thing becomes MASSIVE.)

I can’t comment on any of the games, as I’ve seen very little about them (are any playable on the floor? Or, at least, shown running on the actual system and not an emulator?), but the initial list doesn’t fill me with enthusiasm. One of the main arguments against the Gameboy Advance is that it is rehash/port/remake central. To combat that stigma, I clearly remember a Sony exec saying that they will work hard to ensure that it doesn’t happen on the PSP. The initial list of “revealed” games is as follows:

Conference attendees were treated to a dizzying video montage of new versions of many classic PlayStation 2 games, which looked almost identical to their original versions. Clips of Gran Turismo, Ridge Racer, Wipeout, Dynasty Warriors, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Medievil, Ape Escape, Spider-Man, Metal Gear Solid, and a Capcom fighting game were shown in rapid succession–and to an enthusiastic response from the crowd.

If that’s not rehash city I don’t know what is. And while the possibility of new Wipeout and Metal Gear Solid titles is nearly enough to sell the system, I can’t help but feel that those two titles will be very familiar. Very similar to their PS2 counterparts. However, disregarding the retreading, the library does look impressive; some official footage would be nice though.

Edit. Metal Gear Acid? Hmmm… not quite as familiar. Now we know what Kojima’s drug of choice was for Sons of Liberty.

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