Counting down the days. The current count is: two. If all goes well, they will pass quickly and then I shall be let loose into the abyss of uncertainty. It sounds fun.

What I look forward to the most is the likelihood for more frequent downtown visits. As strange as it sounds, I miss going downtown daily. I miss it even though I detest the busyness, the congestion and the noise. I miss it despite my utter loathing of large masses of people. And I miss it despite the fact that my unique brand of unhipness doesn’t mesh well with the urbanscape of the city.

Downtown TO.

What I mostly miss, though, is the over-abundance of non-franchise restaurants. In the ‘burbs, these tend to be few and far between. Downtown, there are streets filled with them, and not the generic fare that you find in the ‘burbs, no, but unique things like a Hungarian-Thai place. I care not for how this conglomeration of two completely distinct cuisines came into being. I just want to know whether the schnitzel is good.

And it was.

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