The two weeks since I left my full-time salaried job have been far busier than any such time span during my employment period. It’s reassuring (no slumping into general vegetation), but also downright annoying. Especially with the nice weather. However, one of the benefits is that my afternoons have been more flexible — perfect for viewing live Eurocup 2004 games.

Since I’m neutral with my Euro picks, I mostly just cheer against a few teams. It’s more fun that way. Unfortunately, now that Germany is eliminated (yay!) and Italy is gone (triple yay!), and Spain too (shrug), there isn’t anyone left to jeer for except, maybe, Portugal, and if all goes well England will eliminate them tomorrow.

As far as actual cheering is concerned, I like the Dutch and Swedish teams… maybe the Czechs too. Their matches have been the most exciting thus far so I’m hoping for more of the same. By default, I guess I should be cheering for England too (especially with a Canadian born player on their squad), but… eh.

Go Netherlands!

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