I Hate Email

My primary email is a catch-all wildcard account, so anything @ this domain will get to me. This is convenient for a lot of reasons. Anyway, my two primary aliases for the past four years were at an annoyingly lousy spam-to-legitimate-mail ratio. I can set up multiple POP accounts and unlimited aliases, so when I got sick of that crap I created a new junk account and set all mail targetting those old aliases to go to the junkbin.

Overnight, the amount of spam I received dropped from about 200-300 emails a day to, like, 2-3. I could deal with that.

Then, all of a sudden, some spammer decided to spam other people — predominantly AOLers — using spoofed return-to emails set to random aliases at this domain. Getting over 100 bounce-back/undeliverable emails over the span of two days is irritating, but it wasn’t a frequent occurance so I dealt with it.

Somewhere along the way, however, some fucking cock-gobbling assclown decided to use those same random @the-inbetween email addresses in the TO: field. Why the fuck they’d do that? I don’t know, they’re retarded, but they did now I’m getting upwards of 30-50 emails an hour, depending on the time of day. And while the individual emails are different, they do come in groups and it is plainly evident that they are being generated from the exact same algorithm. Fuckers.

My email is rendered completely useless, and my many meticulously crafted email aliases for various online accounts (ie. orkut@ for my orkut registration; ebay@ for ebay; etc@ for etc) all have to be manually redirected or changed on the account side. Fun!

Though I do not get many personal emails, I must mention that if you are considering sending something to me make sure you get my new and improved spam-free personal email address first. Otherwise, I might not get whatever it is you’re sending.

I hate email.

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