Make Your Vote Count

You’ll have to excuse me, but I do need to make one pre-election political rant. I haven’t been following the proceedings too closely, but the few things that I have seen I do not like. So if you have no interest in Canadian politics, skip this — there are plenty of recent links here instead.

Election day is Monday (Correction, next Monday not this Monday. I’m stupid.) and it’s looking to be a close, close race. It’s looking like a Conservative win, albeit a minority one, is possible. I just have one thing to say about that:

For fuck’s sake, do not vote Conservative.

I say that as someone that has voted for the provincial Progressive Conservative Party all my life (or, er, the eligible years — which counts for two provincial elections). The PCs are mostly centrist, with a touch of right leaning economics and a tolerance for left leaning social issues (remember, gay marriage was ruled legal under the reign of the Tories. And while that was a ruling of the supreme court and not the parliament, the Tories, for the most part, did not raise their voice against it. It was actually the Liberals that brought the issue up at the time). But the Federal Conservatives are, basically… American. Or Republican. Same thing.

Harper wants to “raise the issue” of abortion and gay marriage in parliament — which is just a two-faced way of saying he wants to get rid of it — which is stupid as parliament can not legally restrict charter rights. Harper wants to dismantle the CBC: bad. Harper wants to increase military spending: bad. Harper would have supported the invasion of Iraq: BAD.

Worst of all, if Harper were to win a minority, some are saying that he would make a coalition with the fucking Bloc Quebecois. Next to the Bloc winning a majority, this is the absolute fucking worst thing that could happen: a country ruled by an alliance of Reform Party-cum-Conservative Western rednecks and Quebec Separatists. It’s not a nightmare; it could be reality come Tuesday morning!

Yes, the Liberals also suck and the NDP sucks even more, but they don’t nearly have the combined sucking power of the sucky federal Conservatives. Don’t vote for them.

(PS. Truth be told, I’m probably going to vote Green. “Fuck ’em”, I say. A number of the Green party platforms are rubbish. However, being a geek, I support their geek-centric platforms — which raise some issues that the other parties aren’t touching (they just stick to the same old schtick). I wish they’d get into more detail about their policies regarding copyright and digital rights and fair-use, but I’m willing to bet that they’d be better than the other parties’ stances. shrug.

Now that I have that out of my system, I’ll probably talk about GMail or Mario & Zelda Big Band Live or one of the many games I have accumulated lately, but still haven’t played. You know, usual shit.

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