The 5k, and other small things

Remember the 5k? The competition for doing webby things within the confines of 5,120 bytes? Yeah, I almost forgot about it myself. It’s been in stasis for a while and there was no competition for 2003.

Earlier this year, it was announced, to little fanfare, that Siggraph was taking over the 5k. The Siggraph page was vacuous: little information, no details on what and when to submit, and some vague deadline periods in the Spring. Nothing was there and I forgot about it.

Something reminded me today and I checked the site. Seems like there’s new information and a new deadline (July 14th) *and* a new submission form. There might be more red tape, the site isn’t fully updated (old deadlines are still listed on some pages), it seems neglected, it seems to have no buzz this year… but, the competition: it’s on, biatch.

Related coincidence, yesterday I uploaded a new 404 error page that features a somewhat miniturized Flash game (only 1601 bytes!): 404 Snake.

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