Doom 3

Doom 3 -- for the SNES!

Awesome graphics, dude!

(Cleaning, and the associated rummaging, is only as interesting as the things you uncover.) PS: It’s from EGM #71, June 95.

Update: I notice that some people seem to think that it’s a typo on the part of the magazine editors — I assure you that is not the case. It was mentioned as “Doom 3” in multiple places in the article, in the game index, and on the cover with the text “DOOM 3: Exclusive pics inside!”. Also, it was a June issue so it wasn’t an April Fools joke.

As for the actual history of SNES Doom 3? I have no clue. It seems to me liked a planned sequel that, obviously, never materialized. Not surprising, considering that Doom 2 was released (not for the SNES) less than a year before the article was written and, as is common now, the developers probably wanted to milk the engine for all its worth. Somewhere along the line, with the new systems on the horizon, it was deemed not worthwhile. Dropped. And never heard from until this current incarnation of Doom 3 appeared. That’s all conjecture, though, as I really don’t know the story of it. Seems like a job for Lost Levels!

Update 2: I think I figured out the origin of this. Final Doom. You see, Final Doom is essentially Doom 2 with added episodes. In an unofficial way, those episodes might be considered Doom 3 (or Doom 2 1/2). Final Doom was ported to a console: the playstation. Who did the console version? Williams! So it seems as though Williams might have considered porting it to the SNES (and gave EGM a taste or hint), but decided against it during development.

Whether it was going to be called Doom 3* on the SNES or whether that was a misunderstanding on EGM’s part, I dunno. (*it wouldn’t be the first time that SNES sequels were misnumbered for “clarity”.)

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