Game Woes

Is it the games, or is it just me?

Every dedicated gamer hits a slump. A point where the fun factor drops, the tedium grows, and interests shift to other outlets. Perhaps it’s the current crop of games — not an unreasonable claim, as the summer is the slow season — but I think I’m experiencing that slump.

There is nothing truly captivating out there. Nothing that warrants more than a passing glance.

Devil May Cry 3, er… I mean, Ninja Gaiden was played for about an hour before being tossed aside in a fit of rage inspired by the absolutely horrid camera engine. Halo bored me to depths I haven’t seen since, well, Final Fantasy XI. Rallisport Challenge 2 is sitting on the shelf, still shrink-wrapped. The last thing I did in Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes was defeat Revolver Ocelot… by standing still in first person mode, shooting him repeatedly. Not surprisingly, that was also the last time I touched the GameCube.

I did play a bit of the Mega Mans and I dusted off some of the Genesis games that I have acquired in the last few months, but even those were brief. I’m just not interested.

A break is needed.

And the timing for such a break couldn’t have been better: I’m starting a new job for the rest of the summer this Monday. Hooray.

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