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An Interview with Larry Hryb, Director of Programming: Xbox Live. For the most part, it’s boring corporate boosterism. However, there are some interesting statistics at the end: the top 15 cities by XBox Live memberships.

There’s Tokyo (despite poor XBox sales in Japan), London, Houston, Chicago and Toronto. Toronto is definitely no surprise. A relatively large, modern city in a country with good broadband adoption rates (far better than the US, at least, which is odd when you consider the differences in population density). If you play on Live, you no doubt encounter many Canadians.

The list continues: San Diego, New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, Calgary, San Antonio, Las Vegas, and the online gaming crazy Seoul.

Yes, Calgary! In a list of major wired metropolises, some with populations in excess of ten million, little Calgary with its sub-million population stands out like a sore thumb. The fact that it made the list is either a testament to the connectivity of Calgary (and indeed Canada) or proof that there is absolutely nothing to do in Cow-Town. Fragging foreigners online might be the only option available when the opportunity to watch the rodeo, watch hockey, or flash your tits isn’t there.

In other news, I’m glad to report that the Westhost server this site sits on did not spontaneously combust while being thoroughly fucked over the last couple of days. Jeez…

Daily Usage stats for in July.

I guess it’s back to my normal non-existant numbers now…

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