A weblog post about tweaks to the weblog is about as irrelevant as you can get, but such is the nature of this place: irrelevant. I’ve cleaned up some xhtml, fixed the archive pages a bit, updated my age on the info page (been 24 for half a year now, sheesh), and removed a lot of unnecesary navigation. The problem now is that the navigation area seems too bare. It should be fixed if/when I add a “contact” option there, as my email address is not posted anywhere at all. While that cuts the amount of spam I receive, it does make the few attempts to contact me rather difficult — especially now that I disabled my catch-all email address.

Also, since most of my referral traffic comes from search engines to single archived entry pages, I have added a small little blurb (on those pages) directing visitors to the main site and to the archives. Detailed messages like that are more relevant than random single-word navigational links.

In other words, small meaningless semantic things.

I have been, however, spending the rest of the day organizing all my old and new CD-Rs. Wow. What a treasure-trove of time-capsule data this endeavour has been. I’m still finding many memories on these discs, so I’ll save the details for later.

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