Doom 3 impressions

ha! Kidding. I can barely run Half-Life. The likes of Doom 3’s combined texture powers will, quite likely, cause my laptop’s good ole’ CPU to implode.

The hype — the massive, massive amount of unnecessary hype — has left me thinking about an upgrade. But not for Doom. What I’ve seen of the game isn’t worth spending hundreds of dollars for. Not when you can just rent Riddick or something (at least that game has a gun with an attached flashlight by default. While there are hacks to fix the flashlight/gun switching issue, the fact remains that this was a concious design decision by id. A really stupid one). It’s more the talk of upgrading that has me thinking about, uh, upgrades than any actual Doom 3 talk.

No. I need to upgrade for reasons of work and productivity.

Anything else is bonus.

Doom 3. A couple of guys at work installed it on their machines on Friday. It is awful pretty — albeit terribly dark — but that appearance feels superficial. I mean, I watched the dude toss a grenade onto a nicely animated and crisp looking computer screen. Not a dent. He then shot at a cardboard box of Botox with his pistol. Didn’t move. I guess it’s easy making it pretty when you toss the whole idea of environmental interaction. Oh well.

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