I remember only for an hour

You have to admit that since the launch of the GameCube, Nintendo’s marketing strategy has become far more savvy. The “Who Are You?” campaign was the one that kick-started it all. I liked those ads, and while I don’t know how much they have contributed to Nintendo’s sales numbers (if at all), I have no doubt that they are helping to restore some of Nintendo’s tarnished public image.

I like the current GameBoy campaign too, especially the NES Classics ad. It has a certain modern coolness to it, yet with the right choice of music — Yaz(oo)‘s “Situation”, which initially seemed like a really odd tune to grace a Nintendo commercial — it perfectly evokes the retro nature of the game series. It just works.

What I’m curious about, though, is how Nintendo will market the DS. We geeks, we know a lot about the DS already. We have a feel for what it is, what it’s supposed to do, and who’s supporting it. But how will Nintendo sell it to everyone else? How will they convey the features and benefits of the DS in a 30 second spot? Or with a print ad?

I’m curious.

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