Splurge Blues

Dudes. I just so totally bought all six Cowboy Bebop DVDs. It was a real spur of the moment indulgance, but at 40% off I couldn’t pass it up. I’m not sure how many days this sale on Bandai DVDs has left, so if you have the slightest bit of an itchy trigger-finger on this kind of shit, I advise you not to follow that link. Especially if you have Cowboy Bebop in your crosshairs. Those other animes? I know squat about them. But I do know that Cowboy Bebop is worth it at that price.

They also have a 50% off Hentai deal, but, er, animated porn interests me about as much as Yiddish Opera. Sure, it might have some cultural relevance and it might be interesting from an anthropological viewpoint, but it sure as hell ain’t turning my crank.

I also made the following image which I think is clever, but only adequately executed:

Olympic pictogram - Gaming

The only event worth participating in.

The figure in the pictogram looks moderately awkward though. A position like that can’t be too comfortable for an extended gaming session. Then again, I can’t imagine a position like that to be comfortable for a short rowing session, and yet that’s the origin of this figure. I tried to find a more relaxed dude, but the only other image that could have worked was the Table Tennis one — but that would have only worked if I drew in some Sambas instead of a controller. That’s not as ubiquitous. So a rower it is.

I’d link to the Athens’ Olympic pictogram page to elaborate on this with the use of diagrams, but the completely fucking idiotic hyperlink policy prevents me from doing that. Oh wait… shit… ILLEGAL!!1!

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