Week and a half

The last week and a half was brutal. During that time, I worked through the weekend, worked late hours and, er, even later hours. I’d have been stuck downtown (or at least forced to take a really expensive cab) on Thursday at 2am had it not been for some saving graces (thanks!).

The worst part of this period is that throughout it all, I had an annoying and painful tooth ache. Once the four day long weekend hit, my first day off was greeted with an early rise and a drill in the mouth. Not my idea of fun and not an ideal way to welcome Simcoe Day weekend (or is it Civic Holiday weekend?)

Despite my enormous distrust of dentists and despite the fact that I haven’t been to one in nearly six years, all went well. The pain is mostly gone, replaced by a somewhat awkward temporary filling of sorts. Apparently, the problem stemmed from one of the fillings that the last dentist installed. It had gone loose. It had created a “hole” in my tooth (and by “hole” I mean cavity bacteria magnet). It was putting pressure on my gums. It was, for the most part, bad. That has not eased my dentite-distrust.

After that, the weekend really hit and I’ve been chilling the fuck out. Sleeping, swimming, playing Chronicles of Riddick, and watching a lot of tv/movies.

I swear, after the week that was it felt really, really keen to float around in the pool (beer at hand), watching the stars show up one by one, listening to the crickets, and watching the bats skim off of the surface of the water… ok, that one’s a bit weird, but the experience as a whole was quite soothing. And after that, nothing hit the spot quite like blowing through a jail in a heavy tank.

It’s been ages since I rented a game; and just as long since I plowed through a game beginning to end. I did this weekend. First off, let it be known that I do not care for the Riddick mythology, the Riddick movies, the Riddick character and, especially, Vin Diesel. In that sense, Chronicles of Riddick annoys the hell out of me. On its own, though, it’s a good, quick ride.

The stealth aspects of the game were done well (your stealth-level is indicated by a change of colour rather than Splinter Cell’s stupid “shadow meter.”), but they still suffered from the same problems that stealth games generally suffer from: lousy AI and too many trial-and-error scenarios. The use of colour also greatly reduced the amount of unnecessary UI clutter, which helped the game’s immersiveness.

I’m glad I gave the game a shot. Not sure if it’s a keeper (maybe at a budget price), with its short story and lack of extras, but it’s definitely a fun little game to go through when the pains and stresses of the working world press you down.

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