World Cup

It’s late August. It’s the summer. The Summer Olympics are still going full steam. Naturally, it’s the perfect time to start thinking… hockey!

The World Cup of Hockey is especially important this year as it might be the highest level of hockey that we will see for a long time.

While Canada has lost its first exhibition match to the USA, it’s worth remembering that the Canadians are terribly slow starters in international tournaments. It’s also an exhibition game, so it means nothing. Hopefully everything will go fine and we’ll be able to celebrate a Canadian sports win this summer…

Because, as we know, there is a lot more disappointment than cheer this summer. Far too many falls (hurdles, road cycling, triathlon, to an extent), too many disqualifications (rowing), too many scoring inconsistencies (vault), far too many blown leads (beach volleyball, baseball), too many misses (diving), and too many weak performances.

They should have lacrosse at the Summer Olympics. We’d take that.

On second thought, we’d probably blow that too.

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