30 minute impressions: Guilty Gear X2#Reload

2D fighters are a genre that I just can’t, no matter how much I try, get
good at. There was a time when I was quite above-average at Street Fighter 2
Turbo — which no doubt had a lot to do with having plenty of *human*
competition at the time — but even then I wasn’t that great. Even then, I
could not for the life of me beat the Arcade mode in the SNES version at the
top two difficulty levels (what was it? 7-8 stars?) The fact is, I pretty
much suck at 2D fighters.

Knowing this fact, I bought Guilty Gear XX#Reload.

Yeah. So, without delay, the computer opponents proceeded to pummel the snot out of me. But, hey, at least it looked cool when they did it.

I knew about the Guilty Gear games beforehand and I knew of their 2D graphics, but I had never played the games nor seen them in action. Now that I have, I have to say that the game is a wonder of 2D art and character design. Even as I was flailing around mindlessly, completely lost in the nuances of the fighting system, I couldn’t help but admire the characters and their original moves and the backgrounds and the animations.

Considering how bad I sucked at my first attempt, that was about all I could admire. Will need to spend more time learning the system before I can even begin to make a conclusion about the game as a whole.

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