Holy fuck does Burnout 3 eat up time. The crash mode challenges only take half a minute, but they’re such a blast to play that you get caught saying “just one more” forty times in a row. It’d be so much better if those quick crashes weren’t interrupted by slow loading screens and annoying EA radio, but those can easily be ignored as you get yourself amped up for the next million dollar crash.

Many people have already complained about the EAized Live experience, and I have no doubt that they’re correct, so I’ll leave that at that. The one thing that really irks me — as a web dev — is EA’s really broken and stupid EA-XBL tag link form. It is one of the most b0rked forms that I have seen live. Fields randomly disappear. Certain values are “invalid” with no reason given. Usernames are invalid for the password retrieval despite showing up as being taken already. And, when the form is finally executed, I get a useless non-descript server error… only to be greeted with an email telling me that I have registered.


Good game though.

PS: Woooooo (though, as I have said multiple times in many places, that new Gehry World Cup looks like a freaking flower vase. blah).

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