Quick Stuff

Started a new full-time gig today. Got a dental appointment Wednesday. Moving this weekend. Busy.

Gradius V rocks. Katamari Damacy is everything I expected it to be, which rocks and rolls. Paintball on Saturday was fun, but I’m feeling the major muscle strains now. Bruised in about a dozen places too, but it’s the muscles that are killing me.

Started testing out my newish phone’s crappy phonecam. Figured it was a good time to put that old flickr account to use too, so I moblogged a photo to, er, here I think. “moblog” is a stupid word. Maybe I’ll post some more there this week.

All six of the discounted Cowboy Bebop DVDs finally arrived last week, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind comes out… today. Maybe I’ll grab that.

I have not played Fable yet, but from what I’ve seen of it — the more evil you play, the more evil you look. You grow horns, get tattoos, and that typical biker-gang stuff. Yawn. So much for freedom. Why can’t you have an evil person that looks quite unassuming?

Watching Anime, Reading Manga : 25 Years of Essays and Reviews might be an interesting, quick read.

So who are the “stoned slackers” watching Jon Stewart?.


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