Dream On

Some smart-ass put Freddy Got Fingered into the Criterion Collection section of the downtown HMV. I was amused.

Suffice it to say, I was in the store for a reason; that reason being that I’m a media whore. Dream On is what I bought, so that debating, in a previous post, about nostalgia and retro tv was all for naught.

It’s weird how the mind remembers things. Two days ago, the show was a blur to me. I remembered vague plots, the two main characters (Martin and his ex) and, of all things, the scene from the pilot where he gags on the whip cream on the naked chick. It must have been a decade since I saw that, and yet that’s my clearest memory of Dream On.

Once I started watching the pilot episode, it all rushed back to me as though I was watching a rerun that I saw just last month. The minor characters, the plots, the dialogue, the women Martin dates. All of it. And now I find myself wanting to see more episodes because I know what to expect, and I expect quality.

Also, this Windows error is across the street from that very same HMV… and also across the street from another billboard, on which I saw another error dialogue this evening. If I had my proper camera, I’d have taken a photo too. Oh well. (PS. Pictures)

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