Fake Snow

It was fake snowing on Yonge Street today as a chick was snowboarding on top of a Mini down one of Toronto’s busiest streets. While I’m sure that creative bit of creativity will be all over the televisions in a month or two, the scary realization is that the fake snow will also be present and all too real.

Seems like a lot of game shops around town are going to be open midnight Monday for the launch of Grand Theft Auto 3: San Andreas (remember the old Capcom joke that said that they can’t count to three? Well, seems as though Rockstar can’t count to four.) I’m looking forward to playing GTA:SA too, and I will likely pick it up after work on Tuesday, but if you have to go to a game store at midnight just so you can get it first (got news for you, some people already have it before you), then you have some serious priority issues.

The same applies for movies.

Buying movies or DVDs at midnight is something that unemployed nerds living in their parents’ basement do. *I* can make this stereotype because I was one; like a dentist making dentist jokes.

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