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When someone says something along the lines of “tell me, I won’t be offended”, they are 100% guaranteed to be offended.

If Jesus Christ came to Earth in the modern age and was executed using modern means, like with an electric chair instead of crucifiction, would future generations of followers wear little electric chairs around their necks? Would they place small electric chair replicas behind their altars and on top of their churches?

I always found it odd that one of the primary symbols of Christianity is an execution and torture device.

Currently listening to King of Woolworths’ L’Illustration Musicale, which I’m digging. It is also the first CD that I ever bought because it was playing in the store at the time and I thought it was cool so I asked the guy “that’s cool, what is it?” and he said “King of Woolworths – L’Illustration Musicale” so I bought it. The first.

Also bought Blur’s The Great Escape because, seriously, it has the three best Blur songs ever: Country House, Charmless Man, and The Universal. Not surprisingly, they’re also some of the best britpop songs ever.

And now Videodrome is on tv. Oh yeah.

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