Rules of Thumb

The general rule of thumb is as follows: when you are out of work, work is hard to come by; when you do get work, you then are greeted with multiple job offers. When it rains, it pours.

The corollary to this is that new and great opportunities always tend to show up when you are otherwise occupied. Like, say, with a move.

So when you have a new job and, at the same time, you are moving — you get overloaded with offers for work that you simply can not do. It’s even more frustrating when some of the work is cool. Or, at least, far more interesting than the work that you are currently doing — like, for example, reading long-assed documentation and technical documents and scopes and other such dry material.

Hypothetically speaking.

What isn’t suppositional, however, is the annoying state of during-move-limbo that I find myself in. Because of previous freelance commitments (arg), the move proceeded at a slower pace than anticipated. It also forced me to sit by my computer, with its dev files and internet access, and do actual work. Unfortunately, while said computer and my bed are here, everything else is a full city away. So while I’m in Mississauga, my tv, my consoles, my games, my DVDs, my books, my radio, my CDs are in Toronto.

Boredom is setting in.

So the sum of my gaming indulgences are reading: the latest news (mostly the DS+PSP feud) and watching the latest trailers. A few particular trailers worth watching:

Okami [mpg] – a very stylish but very Japanese game based on some old myths or something. It’s by the makers of Viewtiful Joe, so it does share some stylistic similarity, but the feel of the game is markedly different. Other than that, I can’t say more because I simply do not know what is going on in the trailer.

Psychonauts (you have to register first and then go to the “gray matter” page to view it). Can’t say that this game ever hit my most wanted charts, and this trailer doesn’t really change that, but I’m more curious about it now than before. Definitely has style and charm, but by the time the game comes out it might already be dated. Who knows. (And yes, good gameplay doesn’t age, but as far as platformers go, it has some heady competition).

Lastly, there’s Konami’s Oz. It’s a sort of Japanese American McGee’s take on Wizard of Oz but with Final Fantasy-like androgynous characters in some sort of rhythmic, but Devil May Cry-styled team action game. Yeah. I really don’t know. It’s about as bastardized as a Western cultural icon is going to get at the hands of a Japanese game maker, but hey… at least the gameplay looks somewhat interesting.

(This post has been sitting in limbo for a week now. oi.)

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