The bachelor life

I am back on the internets!

Well, I wasn’t truly gone as there was always some spare time at work, but home is where it counts. Anyway, before I get to my petty moving in thoughts, I’ll first get to this reminder:

The 2004 World Rock Paper Scissors Championships are tomorrow (Saturday). Register now or get your tickets at the door tomorrow (if available).

ahem. Yes. As of last Monday night (Thanksgiving), I am less of a loser. I’m no longer living with my parents and, instead, living the lonely bachelor life. Hello ladies.

There’s still a massive amount of things to do around here and many more things to buy, but at least my priorities are taken care of: internet and cable. Well, the cable isn’t much of a priority, but I did manage to cojole 2 months preview of all the specialty digital channels, which is nice. I’m watching G4 Tech TV for the first time ever. It’s not so great. Mostly, though, I just set it to Much More Retro and leave it as background noise while I catch up on my internets.

So last Tuesday was my first full day here, and by Thursday I’m already wired up. That’s some fairly quick service.

Unfortunately, though it came quick, it came with added complications. As I live in a crappy building in an equally crappy area, it is fitting that the apartment — the whole building, really — has crappy wiring. Long story short, there is a cable coming from the roof through the balcony under the door and into the apartment, where it is split into three cables that spider-web around the place. ugh. At least it works.

Now that I have access to the internets, I can focus on other priorities… like, food and drink.

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