View to a Kill

The above title might be overly dramatic, but in this area you never know. The view? Well, sticking with the recent theme of very large images, here’s the new view. It was taken about a week and a half ago, when the weather was considerably nicer, the sky considerably bluer, and the trees considerably greener. Considerable changes for a week, but this is the nature of fall in Toronto — no fall, just a sudden jump to early-winter.

Check out the trailer to “Flatout”. It’s like Burnout 3, but with driver-flying-through-the-windshield rag-doll physics. Some of the goals of the game basically involve launching the dude as far as possible from the car. Sounds briefly enjoyable!

Dream On, the old HBO comedy series, is out on DVD. I have a lot of nostalgic memories about this show so I thought long and hard about picking it up, but the sense that nostalgia is often misplaced kept me away. There’s just something about buying old tv shows that I haven’t seen in a decade. It feels risky. The fear is that I will come to the realization that they sucked, and then I’d realize that I paid money to have my fond memories shattered. This is why I have not bought Transformers, or Batman: The Animated Series, or The Ben Stiller Show, or, now, Dream On.

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