Election Day

It’s Election Day south of the border, and it shouldn’t pass without at least a mention. All I have to say is: “Hey you! Americans! Don’t fuck up.”

Then I saw all the news of voting irregularities, lost votes, intimidation, fraud, e-voting failures, and I had to ask: “hey man, what the fuck?

The self-described leader of the democratic world has a democratic process on par with the Ukraine (funny aside: before the Ukranian election, the US threatened action against the Ukraine if there’d be any vote tampering.
hah! Get your own affairs in order before meddling with others’.)

Four years later, and I’m still confused as to why it’s so hard to count votes in the US. Here we use a very complicated “MARK AN X ON PAPER” scheme, and we had very few problems and most everything — enough to have a clear result — was tabulated before the night. No stupid crashing or hackable Diebold machines. No touch-screens registering the wrong vote. No hanging chads. No bad memory cards (what are they voting on? A Playstation?). None of that. Just an “X” on paper.

Why do we do it like that? Because it works.

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