Election dollars

The American Election is over, and the people — the ones that didn’t have their votes thrown away or eaten by voting machines — have spoken. They said “four more years.” From a strictly Canadian perspective, I do have to say that it has its bright spots:

Four more years of dollar gains

Hell, come 2008 (that feels like such a long time), our good ole Canadian dollar might even — maybe — break even. What a good day for imports and eBay that will be. Not that it’s a bad day now, with the dollar approaching 85 cents, but the higher the better (unless, of course, you’re an exporter.)

To those down south, it’s not much consolation. However, to those thinking of leaving Red America for Blue Canada: don’t. It’s not that we don’t want you here, it’s just that we’d appreciate it more if you stayed there and tried to fix that mess while it’s still fixable. Besides, as the joke goes, do you really want to experience your foreign policy first hand? Didn’t think so.

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