Halo 2 Before the Release

So Halo 2 is to be released at midnight (I’m not touching THAT topic again), and all the ads…er, reviews for the game are flowing in. The basic consensus is that the hype makers are saying that Halo 2’s hype meets their daily hype quota requirements. HYPE!!!

I’m so annoyed by the state of commercial game reviews that I’m not going to bother reading them. I have heard, through review hearsay, that a lot of the criticisms against the original Halo are repeated. Yet, despite this, they still go on and award seemingly perfect scores.

The campaign is too short, the levels are not focused, the objectives repetitive… we give it 345%!!!!

The recent reviews of GTA:SA and Halo 2 and Katamari Damacy have killed the slightest most insignificant interest I had in what these sites have to say about a game’s quality.

I think I’ll save those judgements for my peers, for independent sites, and for myself.

Why do I lump Katamari Damacy in with GTA:SA and Halo 2? Because it’s the inverse of the same problem. They rave about the game — the fun, the originality, the whimsy — and then mention one or two “minor” issues. In the other two games, that meant a score in the (assinine) 95-100% range. In Katamari Damacy, that meant a score in the 85%-90% range. For no apparent reason. Maybe it would have scored more if, instead of cookies and families and cats, you got to roll over grenades and army men and tanks and when you’d rollover a landmine, it would explode in a gigantic shower of blood!!!

I’d buy that.

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