Halo 2 Quickie

I wanted to wait until I finish the single player campaign before rendering a verdict, but I’ve been playing too much multiplayer to get that done. I’m close though.

However, my quick impressions: the multiplayer is varied and great, the matchmaking is meh, the campaign is weak and more of the same, the story is average, the level design is still weak, and the graphics aren’t even that great (with annoying popup in the cut-scenes.) But hey, the multiplayer is still fun… so long as you aren’t waiting for the matchmaker to find a game.

So, the quickie verdict: above-average. Not quite the greatest game ever.

The bungie.net stat tracking is pretty damn nifty, though. Here are mine (yes, I’ve played a lot of games!) There do seem to be some discrepancies with the scoring and and the stats — I don’t understand my ranking in a few of the games — but beside that, they offer RSS feeds of your games and a cool game viewer that shows where on a map you killed and got killed and who was involved. You have to be logged in to view those two features, but here is a view of one of my best games (which was also my last game. Improvement!)

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