Ravages of Time

I’ve been meaning to play Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for a long, um, time. It’s supposed to be good.

Unfortunately, the more I hear about its sequel, the less I want to play the original. Playing The Sands of Time would feel like justification for UBISoft’s crapufication of the series with The Warrior Within. With every new tidbit that they release, the sequel is rising so far up on the “Not to Play” list that it’s crappiness is seeping onto the original.

The most recent announcement: they signed on Monica Bellucci and Godsmack, because nothing says “Persian” better than a nu-metal refugee and a big-boobed Italian “actress”.

Hooray to UBISoft for rising to a high level of prominance — upon which it took its rightful seat of mediocrity.

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