Green Onions

At this very moment, I’m sitting at home in front of the computer eating a tuna salad sandwich with green onions. Despite the fact that the tuna salad has green onions in it, I’ve peppered more on top. I’ve been putting green onions on everything lately. Making eggs in my new frying pan? Throw some green onions in. Cream cheese bagel? With green onions! I like green onions, but not this much.

Living alone made me realize that a lot of food goes bad a lot quicker than I assumed it did. Living in a house with a growing teenaged sister and two parents pretty much guaranteed that the bunch of tomatoes or that loaf of bread would be fully consumed before any weird microscopic nomads move in and start working on their new home’s best-before claims. Not so here.

That first bunch of green onions and that first giant cucumber and that first half-loaf of bread I had to throw out taught me good. A couple days of eating out, and I fall behind my best-before date quotas. The best solution to this was to buy food in smaller quantities. This I do. It means I have to buy food more often, but that’s a small sacrifice to make.

It’s just that those damned green onions always come in large bunches.

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