PSP Interest

A few places already have production PSPs thanks to some promotional auction by Sony, and they have written about it. Neither one of them gets into the nitty-gritty of it, and neither one wants to give out a verdict. Which is weak, as they don’t have a pre-release version but the actual unit that will be on sale (somewhere, in short supply) next week. Granted, they don’t have any games for it, but a hardware review would be nice. Hell, just some real-world battery life information would suffice!

The GameSpot preview is particularly weird, and feels very rushed. More so than the usual GameSpot standards dictate. I mean, what the hell is up with this sentence: According to our calculations, the unit weighs in at 282 grams (9.7 ounces) with its battery and Memory Stick Duo; by comparison, the Nintendo DS weighs 276 grams (around 10 ounces).

The system is about to come out in Japan (in limited quantities), yet we still don’t have any word on a N.American release date nor any USD price confirmation (nor any official word on region locking — or was there? I can’t remember.) Sony’s nebulous and vague PSP launch is making Nintendo’s DS launch look like a friendly, open invitation to fun.

The PSP looks to have some hot games coming its way, but come on Sony… my interest can only be held for so long. Ooh, shiny stuff outside my window…

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