Sudden Winter

Winter’s arrival was sudden.

Toronto Snow

Without any warning, millions of people in the Toronto area woke to white-out conditions and note-worthy accumulations. Tens of thousands of those Torontonians, at the very same moment, instantly forgot their driving experiences from every other winter they have lived through. The roads were slow.

Lucky for me, I don’t have to deal with those morons anymore.

Though the trade-off is that I now have to pack myself into crammed streetcars everyday. Twice. A tight situation, that. One that’s made all the more squeezed on such days of poor weather and slow traffic.

Poor as it is, I still enjoy it. Not walking through it. No. But that nice frosted coating that it produces. That crisp air. That crunch under your shoes. It makes me nostalgic for winters past.

It’s the first time since moving out that I, sort of… missed Mississauga. The snow just doesn’t seem the same when it’s covering lower-income urban apartment buildings and crack-whores.

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